Gentle Birth

The birth of your baby is one of the most extraordinary and life-changing events that you will ever experience. The journey of the woman into motherhood. So pure, so raw, so primal. Such a unique event deserves to be captured on images for you to hold onto and never let go.
Send an email to and I will happily tell you all about the details.

This session includes:
- introducing chat
- on call from 38 weeks
- images of the birth and the first few hours
- digital editing to process your images (colour/ black and white)
- high resolution images supplied in an online gallery for you to download, share or print
- lots of affinity and some motherly wisdom

Besides photography, I am very committed to contribute to a gentle, conscious and natural pregnancy, birth and maternity period for mother and child. I do this by sharing, informing and inspiring as much as I can. It is my great wish for all babies to have a gentle and save entrance into this world. And that women feel empowered by carrying that medicine and birthing new life.
You may choose to give birth at home (perhaps in a birth pool) or have the baby born through caesarean section due to medical circumstances. All types of births, in any circumstance, can be gentle.
By preparing yourself as a woman for what is to come, by talking to care providers about what you want and need for yourself and your unborn child, the birth can be gentle. I truly believe that.
Even the smallest choices make a big difference. Think about which hands are the first to touch and hold your child, which voices will he/she hear first, how lovingly is your child being treated, how long does the umbilical cord stays connected, how well do care providers communicate with you and so on and on.

Birth story Roeks
(Lotus homebirth)


Birth story Jilke



Birth story Marjolein
(water birth at home)



Birth story Regina
(water birth at home)